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Restaurant Rees am Rhein
The RheinArt Restaurant combines creative, young, varied regional and international food with a modern artful ambiance and hearty service. Next to that, the RheinArt is composed in a way that the breathtaking panoramic Rhine view can be enjoyed from every seat. The big Rhine view terrace rounds it off and makes RheinArt restaurant your perfect destination for breakfast, lunch, coffee- and tea time, dinner and festivities.

The restaurant is also expert in organizing your private or business event, feel free to contact us for inquiries via the following form:

For more information about RheinArt Restaurant and for reservation, call the following number or have a look on the website:

+49 (0) 2851 /588 0 or

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       Hotel**** Rheinpark Rees - Vor dem Rheintor 15 - D-46459 Rees am Rhein / Niederrhein
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